Client Testimonials

Our clients are truly what makes Xtreme so special and the community we have created is our proudest achievement.  Hear what current and former clients at  Xtreme Boot Camps have to say about their experience. We ask everyone the same questions at the end their stay so you can really see what the camp and the team are like plus their favourite parts of Xtreme Boot Camps!

Priest/Father David makes it his mission to join us for 1 week every year to continue his amazing transformation. Before coming to us the doctors warned him about his weight (and he was a very big lad over 17st) and he made it his mission to be the fittest he could be in his mid 60s! He is loved by absolutely everyone at camp. His morale, energy and sense of humour makes the week amazing. August is his typical time to come if you wanted to train with this incredible person.

It took business owner Carolyn a few years to get the courage to book and when she turned up was very nervous. At the end of the very first day she told us how silly she had been feeling nervous and was frustrated that she had not booked sooner. She fell in love with Xtreme very quickly. She came to build a positive relationship with food as she was guilty of fads and under eating and wanted to get back into fitness after her children. She loved it so much she booked to come back with family.

Entrepreneur Charles first started working with James in lockdown doing online classes and virtual bootcamps. Having loved the training so much he came to bootcamp as soon as we could operate after lockdown. He does a lot of fitness events and really cares about his health and performance so uses bootcamp and training with James as his platform to keep pushing himself. Bootcamp is now a regular part of his routine to make sure he keeps on track. He really likes to push himself!

Business coach Natalie joined us very last minute as she felt she really needed to take control of health mentally and physically. She found some parts of the camp really hard but her determination was nothing but admirable and we loved working with her. Her transformation, change in attitude, and self confidence in just 1 week was outstanding and she did not want to even go home at the end. She was a great laugh with the group and got so much out of her camp.

Chris joined us looking to lose weight and increase his fitness. Just as much as he wanted to do all the workouts he really wanted to learn about nutrition as was sick of following diets and wanted to learn the tools needed so he have a successful relationship with food at home. He really thrived in the teams challenges and loved helping everyone in the group. He continues his amazing journey at home as is so glad to be not following silly diets and can eat foods he enjoys!

At 71, Christine came to us wanting to get back on track with her health and food. She really wanted to learn the skills so she can exercise and eat effectively to support her future years. She is undergoing our 12 Month Transformation Program where she is working very successfully with James. At her age the determination she has to do everything at bootcamp is amazing. We provide alternatives where necessary but she always just gives everything a go! A very special women!

Richard came from Canada with his son to embark on their bootcamp journey. The main motivation for Richard was to get back in to good habits and receive outstanding training as he was a competitive triathlete. He wanted to use bootcamp as his “bounce” to get back into it. His son had also just finished his exams and they wanted to have some quality bonding time and an experience together they wouldn’t forget. They loved it so much, they are both coming back with more family!

Project Team Leader Jesbir came to Xtreme looking to really kick start his fitness again and to be pushed! A very cheeky lad, but someone who worked really hard and was a great team player. He had done other camps before and stated very clearly that his objective was to be pushed and see a huge increase in his fitness, he was not disappointed and even surprised himself on what he was capable of. He was an absolute pleasure to train and everyone at camp loved his attitude.

Lucas travels from Switzerland to boot camp and is on our 12 Month Transformation Program. Prior to starting the program with James he would massively swerve from diets to diets and some of them being very extreme. Since working with us he has really established a stable and enjoyable relationship with food and exercise. He has been losing weight drastically yet sustainably and really feels he is taking control of his health. He is doing amazing by working very closely with James.

Luke has now joined us for 3 boot camps and has already booked to come back on his 4th. He first came as he was in a dark place and really wanted to focus on himself and see what he was really capable of. Every year he comes back he is more and more of a machine and works so hard. He is an awesome team player and love having him back every year to train! He has even started sky diving with James to keep pushing on new things!

This is Carolyn’s second video on here as she returned a year later with her partner Rick. Rick was really looking to kick start his fitness again and was amazed at the progress his wife made when she came previously. Together they both worked really hard and it was really nice hear Carolyn enjoyed her second visit even more with all the new features and activities we had added over the year! Both booked to come back again!

Paul really got in to his fitness during Covid and admits he was a late comer with sports and exercise. He saw coming to boot camp as a great way to try lots of the things and learn about all the different areas of fitness. His work ethic and hard work so noticed by everyone at camp and he always gave it 100% with everything. Paul is coming back and joining us on our brand new fitness holidays through James Evans Boot Camps

Dan had been struggling with his weight and motivation for some time and was looking for boot camp to give him the kick he needed. He really wanted to learn about nutrition, how to lose weight properly and be a role model for his family. The first few days were tough for him but he really came into his own after and really loved the experience and was so glad he booked to stay with us for 2 weeks!

Steve joined our camp in 2023 for a two-week journey to reignite his fitness, and he completely excelled in our boot camp! His awesome work ethic and remarkable teamwork served as an inspiration for the entire group, and he’s continued that dedication at home! He’s already secured his spot to join us again in 2024, embodying the opportunity at boot camp and now reaping the rewards! Congratulations, Steve, on your incredible commitment and achievements! Top lad!
Rachel, with her background in the military, sought a place to reset and reignite her fitness journey. Nervous initially, she took a leap and from the moment she arrived, she fell in love with the experience. Her natural leadership skills shone through as she astounded everyone by taking charge of the group effortlessly! Training Rachel was an absolute pleasure!
 Rachel’s enthusiasm and decision to bring her son back speak volumes about our program.

Stuart came to boot camp to change his “all or nothing” attitude towards weight loss and fitness. He was someone who followed a lot of fad diets and wanted to break that cycle. Since joining boot camp, he has done tremendously well and has been participating in lots of events while enjoying a healthy balance with food too! He has booked to come back yearly to keep pushing his fitness goals. He really gave it his all at boot camp, and we loved training him, and we know you will too!

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