Xtreme Fitness Boot Camp

UK's Award Winning Fitness Bootcamp

Xtreme Boot Camps is not your typical fitness boot camp or weight loss boot camp. There are plenty of weight loss camps, fitness boot camps and fitfarms available. However, if you are looking to make realistic, sensible and sustainable long-term changes, then we are the fitness camp for you. Our focus is on all over health, fitness and mental wellbeing.  Therefore, to accomplish this we undertake the most rewarding and enjoyable bootcamp fitness program with three full healthy meals a day and our expert life coaching skills.  

Due to our expertise, success and passion our program is unparalleled with other typical boot camps. As a result, we are the go-to fitness boot camp in the UK for clients wanting to make long term changes.

We also attract clients who are hugely passionate about training, athletes and sports personnel who are looking to take their conditioning and fitness to the next level! 

The Xtreme Boot Camps Approach

Our sensible, creative, enjoyable and no nonsense approach means we do not follow fads, diets or the latest crazes. Hence, this is why clients join Xtreme Boot Camps from all over the world looking to transform their health, fitness or mental health.  Therefore, whatever your goal, Xtreme Boot Camps is for you.  Your stay will be demanding, and we will ask a lot of you! Nevertheless, we promise all our clients that you will reach a height of confidence and sense of belief you never thought was possible. 

With over a decade of experience and working with thousands of people globally, we are leaders in fitness and physical and mental wellbeing. Thus, we promise to deliver a residential boot camp like no other!

So, are you an athlete training for your next event? Are you wanting to kick start you fitness again and lacking motivation? Looking to lose weight? Recovering from an addiction and struggling with your rehabilitation? Looking to improve your mental health through fitness and coaching? Maybe you are just fed up with not getting the results that you want? Whatever your reason for wanting to change, at our fitness boot camp, we will deliver the fitness results that you are looking for.

James and his team are not drill sergeants who shout all day long. We are extremely passionate about health and fitness. Our hugely successful approach is about stripping health and fitness back to pure basics to achieve our outstanding results! Likewise, we educate and empower all of our clients to take control of their health and fitness, fact!

Our approach is so successful that is why 80% of our clients book to come back every year!

Fitness Boot Camp
Fitness Boot Camp

Outstanding Workouts, Exercises & Nutritional Workshops

Above all, during your fitness bootcamp you will undertake the biggest variety of boot camp exercises and workouts that are suitable for all levels of fitness. Furthermore, we have introduced new leisure activities including low ropes and kayaking. You will also train in our very own fully equipped award-winning Xtreme Gyms. Clients love this new element during their stay. Although, at times, this is an intense fitness boot camp, you will surprise yourself with what you are able to achieve! Remember, this bootcamp is suitable for everyone and all fitness abilities. Additionally, you will enjoy three full meals a day prepared by our award-winning chefs and attend a series of nutritional workshops. Hence, this is a full educational boot camp that will improve your physical and mental well-being. Being an all round experience, we promise to deliver a better program than your regular boot camp in the UK.

Fitness Boot Camp

No More Diets & Fads

We will show and teach you how you never need to diet ever again to achieve amazing and most importantly sustainable results! Enjoy the foods you love, learn how to incorporate them successfully into your life and take back control of your happiness! As owners and coaches, we do not diet or follow fads so do not expect our clients to. By applying simple education to your nutrition, we will empower you to take control of your food whatever your goal may be! This is what we teach you on your fitness bootcamp!

Our nutrition seminar is mind-blowing, exciting, yet simple. This helps everyone who comes to bootcamp to overcome the fads and negative mindset that losing weight is torturous and impossible!

We Do Not Promote Rapid Weight Loss

Why? They simply have never worked and will never work! It doesn’t matter how you glamourize it. A huge majority of our clients are individuals who have tried numerous diets, boot camps and fitfarms. They quickly realized that focusing on rapid and quick weight loss was not sustainable, and they all ended up back at square one. You are not a marketing campaign at Xtreme Boot Camps. Rather, you are someone we will teach, empower and build confidence to take control of their weight loss and fitness journey successfully, sustainably and sensibly. Our successful approach to food and exercise is why we are one of the longest and most established boot camps in the UK and worldwide.

Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camps For Men & Women

Xtreme Boot Camps have been welcoming men and women over 16 to its fitness bootcamp from all backgrounds since 2013. We will work with you individually and as part of the team to educate you in all aspects of exercise and nutrition. Subsequently, by the time you complete your Xtreme fitness boot camp, not only will you feel better mentally and physically, but you will have all the tools and confidence that you need to continue with your new lifestyle.

We Are Different To A Weight Loss Retreat When Achieving Fat Loss

Unlike other camps we NEVER heavily restrict calories or follow any fads or unsustainable weight loss regime. If you are sick and tired of following fad after fad, or you are victim to procrastination, then we are a must for you. You will eat delicious wholesome food at Xtreme. Never will our clients be having shakes or soups commonly seen at other bootcamp. We pride ourselves on showing you that with the right nutrition you can take control of your health and fitness.

12-Month Transformation Package

As body transformation specialists, we also offer a 12-month transformation package. You will work with James directly over the course of 12 months to completely transform your relationship with food, exercise and most importantly yourself. Choose to spend 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks spread throughout the year on our fitness boot camps and then work with James directly online when at home.

Our Promise

We promise to improve your fitness and the way you see health and fitness going forward! Likewise, we will prepare you with the knowledge and experience to pursue your goal no matter what it may be! Some guests will never have exercised whist some will be athletes! Nonetheless, we will teach, show and explain everything that you do with us from exercises and nutrition. Consequently, walk away from your fitness boot camp with all the tools you need to implement them into your lifestyle! Finally, our post-camp support with James and the team is outstanding.

Above all, we promise you the most fun you could possibly ever have on a bootcamp!

Fitness Boot Camp


 Our venues are surrounded by stunning countryside with superb facilities including a sports hall and swimming complex. 

 Accommodation is based in either a historic manor house or one of the historic boarding houses of Malvern St James. There are separate wings for men and women each having their own bathrooms with individual shower cubicles for your privacy.

TV’s, lounges, snugs, WI-FI and office space are all available so you can get the most out of your downtime.

We also have a hot tub jacuzzi, plunge pool/ice bath and on-site massages available to add that extra special element to your stay and aid recovery

We have both shared accommodation and private rooms available.

Unparalleled Success Stories

There is no other fitness boot camp that replicates the same values as Xtreme Boot Camps. Our success stories are unparalleled. Therefore, If you are looking to build a new you, take your fitness to the next level, lose weight successfully and sustainably and fall in love with fitness and health., then join us for experience of a lifetime at Xtreme Boot Camps.

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