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The UK's Most Successful and Sustainable Weight Loss Camp

Xtreme Boot Camps is not your weight loss boot camp. Since 2013, Xtreme Boot Camps has been helping thousands of clients from around the globe achieve outstanding weight loss results. Our approach is based on making dramatic long term changes, with a focus on improving your overall health and fitness.  Simply put, If you are looking to achieve successful and sustainable weight loss results this is the best weight loss camp for you.

Weight Loss

What Happens On Our Weight Loss Boot Camps?

On your Xtreme weight loss camp, you will cover a huge variety of exercise, activities and training methods. Most importantly, on your weight loss camp you will be taught how to lose weight successfully and sustainably through basic and sensible education. 

In terms of workouts, you will explore exercises from HIIT training to Weight Training. Our sole objective with the program is for clients to discover new activities that you may have not considered before. All clients leave Xtreme with a new-found love and passion for training. If you feel you have a negative relationship with exercise, we guarantee by completing our program, we will change that.

James and his team are known for their no nonsense approach. We do not rely on the latest diets and fads at our weight loss camps. We promise to deliver outstanding long-lasting results far better than your regular fat loss camp.

What Will You Eat At Our Weight Loss Camp?

Weight Loss Boot Camp

This is a huge reason as to why clients choose us over other fat camps and why it’s very common for clients to come to us after being at other camps. We do not follow any diet, fad, shakes or specific way of eating. These methods may work short term, but we are all about the long term and never having any client procrastinate.

You will eat 3 healthy and delicious meals every day from our award-winning chefs. You will not be restricted on how much you can eat as you need as much fuel as possible to participate in the program. However, you will lose a substantial  amount of fat. Expect to eat cooked breakfasts, salads, curries, roast dinners, Asian food and great British classics. 

We will cater for all allergies, religions and dietary requirements so everyone is welcome! 

Our clients absolutely love our food and is always a highlight of their stay.

Weight Loss Boot Camp

Is a Weight Loss Camp Suitable for Rapid Weight Loss?

We do not promote rapid weight loss, as it is unsustainable and never works. Instead, we focus on building your knowledge and confidence so that you can take control of your own weight loss journey. Unlike other fat camps, you won’t be restricted to a specific number of calories here, as you’ll need as much energy as possible to complete our program. This approach helps you to overcome that negative mindset that losing weight is torturous and impossible and ensures that you lose weight sensibly and successfully.

How Many Weeks Can I Do at The Weight Loss Camps?

You can attend for up to four weeks at a time. It depends on what your goal is and what you are looking to achieve from your boot camp! 

If you are looking for a longer term,  and more support, then we recommend our 12-month transformation package.

Weight Loss Boot Camp

Who Will I Be Training With?

Most importantly, you will be training with so many like-minded people who are on a similar journey. You will also be training with a huge variety of fitness levels and abilities. Xtreme attracts clients from all around the world and our ethos and values creates a truly magical environment not only for you to thrive, but achieve the weight loss knowledge and results you are truly looking for.  Never feel that you are not capable to participate in our program, as this has never been the case with any client.

We Work With Eating Disorders

Our weight loss camp is a very popular choice for clients looking to overcome eating disorders. You can rest assured that you are very safe in building a positive relationship with food here at Xtreme.  Lead instructor and owner James has first hand experience in suffering with eating disorders so knows exactly how it feels and more importantly how to overcome them. The ironic thing is that James has worked with hundreds of clients who have been to other camps which has made their disorder worse by not appreciating the condition and making them follow an awful weight loss regime or a plan lacking in nutrition. An eating disorder experience is unique to everyone and James takes his time with clients to establish the “why” and then works with them rebuild the relationship with food. We have clients fall in love with food again and enjoy the process of losing weight.

Why Clients Choose Xtreme for Their Weight Loss Boot Camp

Our boot camp is a popular choice for so many people for one simple reason, our methods work, and we don’t teach you anything we don’t follow ourselves. Here are reasons why you should to choose Xtreme if you have had enough of struggling to lose weight.

  • We are highly qualified personal trainers, fitness instructors and life coaches. This means we have obtained all the necessary qualifications to be able to engage and work with clients.
  • We follow no diets, fads or any specific way of eating. Diets don’t work long term and the only way for you to take control of your weight and progress is to be properly educated on food and how to create nutrition plans personally for you.
  • James and his team have been in the industry for over 10 years, so you can rest assured you are in experienced hands.
  • We all have families, run businesses and are high performing professionals, so understand that flexibility and adaptation is vital for progressive and successful results. We teach all our clients exactly what we follow personally too, so we know how to adapt and deal with stress and other lifestyle changes.
  • None of our clients ever go hungry as we eat properly and do not starve any client.
  • We still allow clients to enjoy the positive things that food brings. You will feel no pressure to never eat out, see friends, eat takeaways or enjoy an alcoholic drink. These are factors that all need to be considered to build a positive relationship with food.
  • The aftercare support James and the team delivers is unquestionable. They will never neglect support and ensure you always feel empowered and confident to keep making outstanding progress on your weight loss journey.

“I could not have any more love or passion for my job and the industry I am in, but as much as I love it, I hate it just as much too! Due to my success, and growth of my boot camps I am so fortunate to work with people all around the world lose weight, fall in love with fitness and regain their happiness and confidence in life. I truly make friends with all my boot campers.

But at the same time I hate what my industry does to clients, I hate how companies, other boot camps and retreats always lie to clients about fads, diets and methods with the sole focus making as much money as possible and never really appreciating or caring about the mental impact it has on people. They have a huge role to play in depression and eating disorders.

I also hate how other bootcamps only focus on making clients lose as much weight as possible over such a short period of time and stress the body to extreme measures that would even concern doctors! This is only to promote rapid weight loss which deep down they know is a lie.

It’s because of this I make a promise to myself, my staff and my clients that we never make a client do something we wouldn’t do ourselves. I promise every client that I work with 100% of my energy and passion to ensure they always leave me in a much better and more educated state than when they came. And above all, I promise integrity in everything that I do. I will never let a client down”  – James, Owner and Lead Instructor 

What If I am looking for a Fitness Bootcamp?

Not everyone that joins us is looking to lose weight. If your goal is to improve your fitness and/or put on weight and build muscle, then please see how Xtreme Fitness Boot Camps achieves this. Our Fitness Boot Camp has been running for over 10 years and during that time, we have transformed the lives of thousands of people from around the world looking for exceptional fitness results.

We Promise

First class training, no matter your fitness levels and ability.

We Promise

A team with unparalleled weight loss experience.

We Promise

The most enjoyable and fun weight loss experience you could ever have.

We Promise

To push you to achieve the most you personally can.

We Promise

To cater for all dietary, religious and physical requirements.

We Promise

A successful and sustainable approach to nutrition. 

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