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The Award Winning Weight Loss Retreat based in the UK

Xtreme Boot Camps is not your regular fat camp. Since 2013, Xtreme Fitness Bootcamp has been helping thousands of clients from all around the world achieve outstanding fitness and health results. Our approach is based on making dramatic long term changes, with a focus on improving your overall health and fitness. If you are looking to achieve successful and sustainable weight loss results this is the perfect weight loss retreat for you.

What Happens at a Weight Loss Camp?

On your Xtreme Fitness Bootcamp, you will be introduced to a huge range of training methods, workouts and activities including HIIT training, PHA training, running, boxing, obstacle challenges, hiking and swimming. Alongside this, you’ll also learn all about nutrition, including how to create your own nutrition plans to ensure that your weight loss journey is successful.

We are known for our no nonsense approach, so we do not rely on the latest diets and fads at our weight loss camp. Instead, you’ll undertake a variety of exercises and workouts suitable for all fitness levels. You will attend a series of nutritional workshops and also enjoy three full meals a day, each prepared by our award winning chefs. We deliver a better experience than your regular weight loss boot camp or fitness camp by taking this all round approach.

Is a Weight Loss Camp Suitable for Rapid Weight Loss?

We do not promote rapid weight loss, as it is unsustainable and never works. Instead, we focus on building your knowledge and confidence so that you can take control of your own weight loss journey. Unlike other fat camps, you won’t be restricted to a specific number of calories here, as you’ll need as much energy as possible when you are training with us. This approach helps you to overcome that negative mindset that losing weight is torturous and impossible and ensures that you lose weight sensibly and successfully.

How Many Weeks Can I Do at the Fitness Bootcamp?

You can do as many weeks as you need at our weight loss retreat in the UK. Typically, people do 1 or 2 weeks with us on an annual basis as part of their weight loss journey. But we also have a 12 month transformation package that covers 4 weekly stays across the whole year. Ultimately, it all depends on your fitness goals and what you are looking to achieve.

There is no other weight loss retreat that replicates the same values as Xtreme Boot Camps. Our success stories are unparalleled. So, if you’re looking to build a new you, take your fitness to the next level, beat that self doubt and overcome that mental battle, take on an experience of a lifetime then spend a week at Xtreme Boot Camps.

Who Will I Be Training With?

Xtreme Bootcamps is an international weight loss boot camp. As a consequence, people from all over the world with different backgrounds attend our fitness retreats; from teachers and personal trainers to entrepreneurs, celebrities and royalty. Fitness abilities also vary hugely, from seasoned athletes to clients who have not trained in over 10 years.

Why Clients Choose Xtreme for Their Weight Loss Bootcamp

Our bootcamps are a popular choice for so many people for one simple reason; we work for you when you go home as we do things properly. Here are the main reasons we are experts and so successful at what we do:

  • We are highly qualified personal trainers, fitness instructors and life coaches. This means we have obtained all the necessary qualifications to be able to engage and work with clients.
  • We follow no diets, fads or any specific way of eating. Diets don’t work long term and the only way for you to take control of your weight and progress is for you to be properly educated on food and how to create nutrition plans personally for you.
  • James and his team have been in the industry for over 10 years, so you can rest assured you are in experienced hands.
  • We all have families, run businesses and are high performing professionals, so understand that flexibility and adaptation is vital for progressive and successful results. We teach all our clients exactly what we follow personally too, so we know how to adapt and deal with stress and other lifestyle changes.
  • None of our clients ever go hungry as we eat properly and do not starve any client.
  • We still allow clients to enjoy the positive things food brings. You will feel no pressure to never eat out, see friends, eat takeaways or enjoy an alcoholic drink. These are factors that all need to be considered to build a positive relationship with food.
  • The aftercare support James and the team delivers is unquestionable. They will never neglect support and ensure you always feel empowered and confident to keep making outstanding progress on your weight loss journey.

We Promise

First class training, no matter your fitness levels and ability.

We Promise

A team with unparalleled weight loss experience.

We Promise

A successful and sustainable approach to nutrition. No diets!

We Promise

The most enjoyable and fun weight loss experience you could ever have.

We Promise

To push you to achieve the most you personally can.

We Promise

To cater for all dietary, religious and physical requirements.

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Residential Boot Camps UK


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Xtreme Residential Boot Camps UK are for members serious about their fitness regime. Based in and around Worcestershire the facilities are perfect for a varied, challenging and the most rewarding programme.

Prices include single rooms or shared accommodation as stated, meals and all instruction. Where we have shared accommodation, we also have limited private rooms – Contact us for details on 07484 816065.

Arrival time on day 1 is 2pm. Departure time is 10am on the final day.

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Residential Boot Camps UK
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