Since 2021 we have made huge upgrades on our accommodation and facilities here are bootcamp! We are passionate about creating an environment that gives you the relaxation and home comforts that you need to make sure that you get the most out of your bootcamp.

Historic Manor Houses

Whether you stay in our Bromsgrove location or Malvern location you will be staying in beautiful and historic manor houses! A chance to really relax and take in the spacious, glorious, and fresh English countryside. All our accommodation have immaculately professionally kept grounds.

Large Communal Areas

Relax in the evening and between sessions in our snug lounges being social with other campers or watching a film to end the day.

Private Rooms and Ensuites

Private rooms and ensuites are available at all our locations. We also have shared accommodation for clients who are trying to save some money or want to come with friends and family! You choose!

Hot Tub Jacuzzi

Why not end the day or recover between session in our hot tub jacuzzi bath. This is something we introduced in summer 2023 and it has gone down a storm. It’s a great way to relax, recover and be social with other campers.

Plunge Pool/ Ice bath

There is a lot of science behind cold plunges aiding recovery and that is something we are really passionate about here at Xtreme! We want you to get the most out of your boot camp experience! We offer cold plunges at the end of the day to aid your recovery mentally and physically and please note, it is not compulsory!


The ultimate way to end your day and prepare for the next. Janice is our very own on site masseuse who is on hand for your whole stay to provide any sport massage treatments you would like! 

Washing Facilities

We provide washing facilities free of charge so you can keep on top of your laundry!

Separate Floors/Wings for Sexes

We have either separate floors or wings for male and female clients. This provides comfort for our clients. You only share facilities with the same sex and all showers and toilets are private. There is no communal showers. Our layout of rooms respects all religions and cultures too!

Baths and Showers

At our Malvern locations you will have access to baths as well as showering. So, if you want to relax at the end of the bootcamp day and read a book in bath you can!

Work Areas and WIFI

If you need to work, contact home, or need access to the internet, we have high speed internet in all our locations. We also have private areas for work outside your rooms if you need to hold a meeting or simply want a private chat with friends or colleagues.

Professional Regular Cleaning

Your room, bedding, and accommodation will be cleaned and changed regularly to provide the most comfortable experience for you.

Games rooms

Most of our accommodation have games rooms where you can relax and be social with a game of pool, table tennis or good old fashioned board games!

Swimming Pool

Swimming is part of your program in our spring, summer and winter camps and we will have exclusive use of the pool during those sessions. Please note, swimming is not compulsory and there is an alternative session.

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