Everything You Need to Know About a Fitness Bootcamp

A fitness bootcamp can be the most rewarding experience you could ever embark on. For so many people, it is also life changing in terms of having a healthy and sustainable approach to food, exercise, and themselves. In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about a fitness bootcamp.

What Is the Objective of a Fitness Bootcamp?

An objective of a fitness bootcamp should be to provide a world class training and fitness experience where clients are taught all about exercise, nutrition, mindset and how to make everything successful and sustainable. Clients should be exposed to a wide variety of training methods to give them as much experience as possible in all areas of fitness. This is so they can make confident decisions in what area of fitness and training they should be exploring further when they go home.

A fitness bootcamp is also a very popular solution for people who are looking to lose weight properly, so an reputable and successful bootcamp will have the objective to teach clients how to lose weight without needing to follow a specific diet or fad. Education around nutrition should be one of the primary objectives achieved when you visit a weight loss boot camp.

As well as having objectives to teach, educate and empower all our clients about fitness, nutrition and health we aim to make our clients the fittest they have ever been, no matter their background. A fitness bootcamp is a unique opportunity where you can go away and just focus purely on yourself, so under our guidance and expertise we can really push and get the most out of all our clients. For more information, find out more about what a fitness camp is like.

Why Do People Choose a Fitness Bootcamp?

There are so many reasons people book on to a fitness bootcamp. People come from all round the world to push, educate, change, and get to know themselves. Here are reasons people commonly book on to our fitness bootcamp:

  • To spend a week or 2 focusing getting as fit as possible
  • To learn how to achieve successful and sustainable weight loss
  • To learn how to train or recover from certain physical injuries and conditions
  • To spend some time with experts to learn how to train to get fitter at their sport
  • To help them deal and overcome anxiety or depression
  • To help overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol
  • To switch off from the outside world and focus on themselves
  • To get fit to join the military
  • To kick start a fitness journey to maintain good health with older age
  • To reverse certain health condition like diabetes, high blood pressure and potential cardiovascular disease

What Health Issues Do We Typically See at Bootcamp?

As well as clients going to a bootcamp to get fitter and stronger, it is very common that people turn to a fitness camp when they have developed or been diagnosed with a health condition. Examples of health conditions we see at Xtreme Bootcamps are:

  • Clients who are borderline or been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes due to lifestyle factors
  • Clients who are at risk of heart disease from obesity
  • Clients who have had surgery from sport related injuries
  • Clients who have now developed conditions that have resulted in them having to stop a certain style of training and want to explore more
  • Clients who suffer with anxiety and depression
  • Clients who have ADHD, Autism and Asperges  and want a safe and experienced environment to explore health and fitness
  • Clients who suffer with eating disorders and need to change their relationship with food
  • Clients who have, or are recovering from cancer treatment and want to get themselves back on their feet
  • Clients who are developing, or have arthritis and want to improve their mobility and ease the condition
  • Clients who are prone to lower back pain and sciatica and want to continue life managing and dealing with it effectively

What Will You Do on a Fitness Bootcamp?

There are many amazing fitness bootcamps around the world and they will all have their own culture and way of doing things. There are many things you will do on a fitness bootcamp and they will vary with each bootcamp. However, at a reputable and successful bootcamp you should:

  • Do a huge variety of training and activities
  • Do seminars and lectures on exercise and specific ways of training
  • Eat amazing, wholesome, natural, and freshly prepared meals (no fads should be followed)
  • Do seminars and lectures on nutrition and how to successfully implement them into your life
  • Have all accommodation and meals included in your package

How Much Does a Fitness Bootcamp Cost?

Prices will vary with each bootcamp and the type of accommodation you are looking to book, but a typical bootcamp week should be priced from £700 to £2000 a week. Most bootcamps offer discounts based on your length of stay.

When looking at a bootcamp, the deciding factor should not be the best price, as the cheapest price does not mean the best quality. Some bootcamps are purely in business for the commercial gain so are very overpriced. You should always do plenty of research into the bootcamps that are of interest to you. Ask lots of questions and always go with one that you feel most connected to. Remember, a fitness bootcamp is an opportunity to make huge changes to your life, so you need to make sure the bootcamp follows the same values and ethos you do as a person before making a commitment based on the price tag. As a figure to go by, prices for Xtreme Bootcamps are:

  • 1 week £999 (£1199 with own room)
  • 2 weeks £1898 (£2198 with own room)
  • 3 weeks £2699 (£2999 with own room)
  • 12 month transformation package £3999
Weight loss boot camp

What Are the Health Benefits of a Fitness Bootcamp?

Health benefits of doing a fitness camp can be invaluable and life changing, both mentally and physically. Without any exaggeration, all clients that come to us at Xtreme are always overwhelmed by how much more they get out of their bootcamp compared to what they originally thought. Popular health benefits of a fitness boot camp include:

  • A positive relationship with food. Clients have the opportunity to embrace a new relationship with food where they are longer tempted by fads or outrageous methods. They can adapt a calm, non-obsessive and enjoyable approach to food which supports all their fitness and physical goals.
  • You can improve your cardiovascular health. You will be introduced to such a huge variety of training that it’s very rare you don’t find the thing you enjoy doing.
  • You will go on a journey to get to know yourself and push limits; this has a tremendous positive impact on mental health and self esteem.
  • You can delay the onset of certain conditions like arthritis, bone and joint problems
  • You can lose a lot of weight and reduce all the health risks that come with being an unhealthy weight.
  • You can overcome eating disorders.
  • You will increase your strength and conditioning of the body which will not help immediately but will pay dividends in your future.
  • You can become the fittest you have ever been as you are being trained consistently under expert guidance.
  • The bootcamp journey, experience and support helps so many clients battle depression, anxiety, and addiction.
  • You make more friends and increase your social circle which has a huge impact on client’s happiness and confidence.

What Should You Do to Prepare for a Bootcamp?

This is a common question we get asked by most clients when they book an Xtreme Fitness Camp and the answer all of the time is honestly quite boring. Remember, most people have booked a fitness bootcamp because they want help and support from a professional. So when clients turn up to our camps, we don’t really want them doing anything out of the ordinary before they come to make sure they are mentally and physically ready to participate in the program. The last thing we want is a client to get a strain or be shattered because they tried so hard to get as fit as possible for the camp. With that in mind, here are things we always recommend all clients do to be well prepared to come to a fitness bootcamp:

  • Make sure you have all your kit. Bootcamps should send a kit list and provide washing facilities on camp. Make sure all your kit, especially trainers, are worn in. You don’t want to be getting blisters on day 1.
  • Don’t do any new training. Don’t risk burning out or getting an injury prior to bootcamp by doing as much exercise as possible.
  • Get plenty of rest 3 days before the camp. Try not to go on a heavy night out and resist doing intense exercise if you can, so your body is fuelled and energised at the start of the camp.
  • Have all your work affairs sorted before you turn up. This is a unique opportunity for you to focus on yourself, so you don’t want to worry about unnecessary work.
  • Talk to the bootcamp if you have any worries or questions. They are always there to help and support you.

Embarking on the right fitness bootcamp will be the one to most rewarding things you will do in your life. Always take your time to find the right bootcamp that fits in with your goals and mindset. If you have any questions or want to know more about our Xtreme Bootcamps, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Everything You Need to Know About a Fitness Bootcamp
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