What Is a Fitness Bootcamp?

A common question asked is what is a fitness bootcamp and what is a fitness bootcamp like? Over the last decade the physical boot camp has increased in popularity around the world. Even though we have been one of the most popular bootcamps in the UK and across the world we have seen an aggressive growth in the market and people looking to get away from normal day life and focus on themselves on a fitness bootcamp

What is fitness boot camp? A fitness bootcamp is a retreat/stay/holiday away from life where you go and stay at a bootcamp for a specific period of time when you can focus on your health and fitness under expert guidance. All your food, accommodation and training are catered for. For a lot of people, a boot camp fitness program is like a complete mind and body reset.

Who Attends Fitness Boot Camps?

The clients we attract at Xtreme Bootcamps usually fall into one of these categories:

  • Clients who need to rebuild a positive relationship with food, exercise and themselves
  • Clients who are physically fit and competitive and want to take their fitness to the next level
  • Clients who are new to training and want to understand the basics and fundamentals of fitness, nutrition and health
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What Are the Benefits of Doing a Fitness Bootcamp?

There are huge benefits to doing a fitness bootcamp and most people have their own goals and objectives they want to achieve but overall.

The main advantages of boot camp are

  • Working with experts and world class trainers. The fact that you are going to be living, eating and training with instructors means that you are in a safe and comfortable environment to push yourselves and get the most from your bootcamp experience.
  • You can disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. On a fitness bootcamp all your training, eating and routine is taking care of, and it gives you a very unique opportunity to focus on yourself.
  • You can completely transform your relationship with food and exercise. It is rare to be able to spend so much quality time with experts and instructors over such a short period of time and this gives them a unique opportunity to work with you 1-2-1 to evaluate problems, then educate and empower you to make the necessary changes, so you can be happy and healthy again
  • You can become the fittest you ever been. A fitness camp can help you improve your fitness levels. With no other responsibilities but to train, eat and rest, you put the body and the mind in the most opportune position to really focus on your training.
  • You can lose a lot of weight. Because food will be expertly prepared to enhance your performance and goals, weight loss goals are easily achieved
  • Becoming properly educated. Reputable and successful weight loss boot camps will not only put you through a fitness bootcamp program they will also teach, empower and educate you about health, fitness and nutrition, so you have the tools to continue with them when you go home.
  • Push your limits. Working with experts will give your body the opportunity to push your limits and establish what you are really capable of mentally and physically. At Xtreme Bootcamps this is always a massive shock to people when they discover what they are really capable of when they adopt the right mindset.
  • They can help overcome addictions with food and substances. The right professional bootcamp with the right instructors will be able to coach, mentor and support clients to overcome addictions and work with conditions. Here at Xtreme it is common to have clients who are battling addictions with alcohol and drugs and also coming to overcome and recover from depression and anxiety. Clients with ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s is also not uncommon.
  • Making new friends. Expect on camps to make lifelong friends where you build special unique relationships unlike the ones you are used to at home
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Who Is It Suitable For?

A fitness bootcamp should be suitable for everyone and anyone. A well-established bootcamp should be able to adapt training and workouts to all individuals that come to a bootcamp. Here at Xtreme Bootcamps we attract the widest variety of clients from people who have not done any exercise in decades and now are really overweight to athletes, serving military personnel and fitness enthusiasts. We also attract celebrities across the world and foreign royalty. You can expect a huge variety of goals and characters on a fitness bootcamp.

What Should You Expect in Terms of Workouts?

The concept of a fitness bootcamp or a fitness retreat should be to introduce clients to huge variety of training and activities that gives clients a broad experience to really establish and explore workouts, training and activities they enjoy and can implement at home. 

Just at our bootcamp alone you can expect to do HIIT training, Tabata training, PHA training, runs, circuit training, military style circuits, challenges, abs and core, gym work, stretching and mobility, strength and conditioning, assault courses, boxing, games, climbing, hiking, paddle sports, swimming, Pilates, kettlebell training and much more. 

Of course, all sessions would be tailored to the individual.

Signs of a Good Bootcamp

  • A well-established business. In the fitness industry a sign of a successful and good bootcamp is the fact they have been around for a long time and keep serving clients.
  • A very transparent website and social media platform and easily contactable. Can you get hold of an instructor quickly to answer your questions? Do they preach and talk about values you can relate to or are inspired by?
  • There is not a “too good to be true” feeling about the fitness bootcamp. It is very common in the industry for fitness bootcamps to make outrageous and false claims to try and convince people to join their camp.
  • Are they reasonably priced? At the end of the day this is an industry someone should be in if they have a huge passion for helping people. If you are seeing prices that are very high compared to others and do not seem offer anything unique or more, their motives need to be questioned as to what they are really looking to achieve?
  • It does not promote any diets or rapid weight loss fix. Diets have not and never will work but some bootcamps will jump on this naivety to get clients to book on to their fitness bootcamps.
  • Recommendations from friends and family. There is no better sign then from word of mouth, right?
  • They should cater for all dietary and religious requirements. This demonstrates they have a sensible and successful approach to nutrition
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What Should You Look To Avoid in a Bootcamp?

  • A fitness bootcamp that promotes a specific way of eating such as keto, paleo, fasting or liquid. These methods and fitness bootcamps are not sustainable and will result in clients wasting their money and building a more negative relationship with food, exercise and themselves.
  • A fitness bootcamp that promotes extremely high weight loss numbers over a very short period of time. There is a high chance you will go very hungry, and the weight loss will be sugar and water retention which will leave you hungry, disappointed and in need of much needed re-feed which will result in you reverting back to square one.
  • A bootcamp that offers a lot of free spaces to influencers and celebrities. Even though it can be an effective marketing tool, you can feel a bit like a square peg in a round hole when the bootcamp is trying to bend over backwards to accommodate the free spaces and you may feel less attention is given to you. There is also a very high chance you are paying for their free space too.
  • A fitness bootcamp that is vague. Avoid a bootcamp that does not answer many questions on their website and social media.
  • A bootcamp that pushes and uses methods that the owners or instructors do not use themselves. A fitness bootcamp should practice what it preaches. You should be eating with the whole team and learning what methods they use at home with their families, right?
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A fitness bootcamp should be a life changing experience and should give you the tools, confidence, and knowledge to go home and really prosper and progress in your fitness and health in a fun and enjoyable way. It should always be an enjoyable experience that also pushes you.

If you are looking to take part in a fitness bootcamp or want to see what a fitness boot camp is like with Xtreme Bootcamps do not hesitate to get in touch .

What Is a Fitness Bootcamp Like?