How to Fit Fitness into Your Busy Schedule

It’s very common in the modern day for people to struggle to find the time to fit exercise into their busy schedules. Health and fitness should not be sacrificed if you are becoming more and more busy. It’s important to incorporate your health into your busy schedule. Here are some tips to make sure you can maintain your busy schedule and How to fit fitness into your busy schedule .

How to Fit Fitness into Your Busy Schedule

Create a Workout Plan, Schedule Workouts and Have a Routine

It’s so important to not second guess your fitness and health if you have a busy schedule. When this is the case with my clients it’s vital to have plans, schedules and also a routine over a certain period of time to create the necessary structure for them. So, a workout plan would be what they are actually doing that day and the routine would be the structure of how it fits into their week. So, for example “Workout A” Monday, “Workout B” Wednesday and “Workout C” Friday.

If you have a busy schedule, it’s important to prioritise training and health if you want to be healthy so don’t use it an excuse or adopt the mindset “I will fit it in when I can”. Find time and create a routine that incorporates it into your lifestyle.

Throughout my work and fitness boot camps I get to work with a lot of high performing CEOs and managing directors who work 12-16 hours a day and they all find the time and schedule in training to keep them performing at their optimal level. Proof it can be done if you create the structure needed.

Use Quick Workouts and Get the Most of Your Time

If you are short for time don’t waste your time doing lots of body splits and isolation exercises. Establish your goal and find the most effective workouts to work to that objective in the shortest time period. Common things I use with my clients who have busy schedules include:

  • HIIT and Tabata Training, short intense full body workouts that push the clients to “max out” their energy levels over a short period of time
  • PHA Training, a style of training very popular with my clients. Weights and cardio combined to give the body a full workout over a short period of time
  • If we are weight training, we use supersets regularly to work more muscles over a shorter period
  • We use more compound lifts to get more muscle groups worked over shortened times

Train in the Mornings

A very common successful routine clients with busy schedules have is that they train in the mornings. You never know what the day may hold and if you have a busy schedule and a family on top of that, days can quite quickly turn chaotic and you can run out of time to train. It is very common for me to see the toll on mental health when clients start missing out on a few session due to “life getting in the way.”

So, if you can train in the mornings and still manage to get 7/8 hours of sleep in a night then this is something you must explore if you are passionate about being fit and healthy.

Use a Personal Trainer

If you are a short for time and have a busy schedule, use an expert who can the most out of you. By being busy with work etc there is a strong probability you can afford a personal trainer so let them work with you to get the most of your health. Also, the accountability factor of having a PT will encourage you to create good habits. Successful personal trainers are used to leading busy schedules too so they will be able to relate to your situation too which will help build effective programs

How to Fit Fitness into Your Busy Schedule

Make Travelling to Work Your Exercise

Could you walk or cycle to work? Not only is this a great form of exercise it’s amazing for your mental health. I commonly do both and it’s a great opportunity to break up your day and prepare for work when going in and then rewind when going home. I also find people massively over estimate how long it really does take to cycle or walk to work, It’s never a long as you think so give it a go!

Buy Simple Equipment for Home

Get simple equipment for you to train at home and make time to workout. This means you are not wasting so much time travelling to and from the gym and you will always be surprised how effective home workouts can be when done properly. A must buy I tell all my clients to get is a kettlebell, so much can be done with them and they take up hardly no space. However, a big mistake with training from home is people buy “home gym equipment” which is less quality, flimsier and becomes more annoying then productive. So, make sure if you are going to train from home, you buy good quality equipment.

How to Fit Fitness into Your Busy Schedule

Use Your Lunch Break

If you can manage to eat your lunch at your desk, then training at lunch time can an effective way to get your workouts in. Most places of work or gyms will provide shower facilities and you will find your afternoons will be much more productive as the exercise will make you more alert, give you more energy and breaks up your day nicely. A personal trainer on a lunch break is an effective tool I see used a lot

Remember, health should always be a priority and shouldn’t be sacrificed when you are busy. There are always so many options to explore on how to fit fitness into your busy schedule, so don’t give up, try these tips and if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

How to Fit Fitness into Your Busy Schedule