1 Year Body Transformation

The Complete Body Transformation Package

The 1 year body transformation program is the most comprehensive and dedicated program you can do if you are looking to completely transform your relationship with food, exercise and yourself. With 3, 4, 5 or 6 week fitness boot camps spread throughout the year, 12 months online training and constant support from James and his team, our body transformation plan has all the tools you need to make the successful changes needed to move forward.

People who use these body transformation programs for many reasons. They may have suffered with addictions to food or substances and started the recovery. Suffer poor mental health due to their physical health. Be severely overweight and need to change to increase life expectancy. Have or are developing health related issues due to their weight such as diabetes, blood pressure, difficulty starting a family. Lost all or suffer with low self-esteem. It’s suitable for those looking to improve fitness or as a 12 month weight loss transformation. 

This program is also very popular with fitness enthusiasts who want to really take their fitness and sports to the next level with 12 months of coaching with the Xtreme team. In addition, the program is suitable for clients who looking to build muscle or learn about bodybuilding in a safe environment.

Working extremely closely with James and the team you will undertake one of the most rewarding and transformative journeys over the space of 12 months to make sure your 1 year body transformation is successful, sustainable, and permanent for the rest of your life.

It is a very rare opportunity for clients to live and work with a health and fitness expert and personal trainer for numerous weeks over a year. For this reason alone clients enrol on this program from all around the world, and it’s why it’s so successful

1 year body transformation

Who Is the 1 Year Body Transformation Program For?

The program attracts men and women from all around the world who are looking for the ultimate training and support program. Typical clients on the program are

  • Clients who need a drastic change in their behaviour and relationship with health, exercise and food
  • Clients who have a bad relationship with food and eating disorders which has resulted in them struggling to lose weight or body fat
  • Clients who have tried diets, fads and rapid weight loss camps and realize it’s now not a successful way to be healthy
  • Clients who are wanting to get seriously fit and aspire to do events but want the support and coaching to help achieve them
  • Sports people and fitness enthusiasts who want to take their knowledge and fitness to the next level under expert guidance
  • Clients who feel they have “no idea” on how to be fit and healthy and want the tools and results that are long-lasting
  • Clients who have struggled and suffer with mental health and want to get back on their feet in a supportive, experienced, and safe environment

What Will You Do on the Program?

  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 weekly boot camps: You will stay with James and his team for 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks (you choose the options of weeks when booking) over the space of 12 months. You choose which weeks you do. Flexibility is key with this program. Upon booking, you just need to commit to your first boot camp. On the bootcamps you will undertake a huge variety of workouts, exercises, activities and seminars to kick-start and turbo your journey. As you progress with the program, you will make advancements on the boot camp weeks. For more details on the actual boot camps check out our homepage.
  • Online training: While you are not at boot camp, you will be implementing the new skills you learned at boot camp at home. This is all done under the support and guidance from James and the team. You will follow workouts and nutrition plans that are tailored to you personally. In addition, every 2 weeks you will check in virtually with James to catch up, make amendments and make progress so that success is always being achieved. 
  • Online Academy: You will have access to the online Academy for more workouts, tutorials, recipes and support.
  • An event at the end of the program: Through the special relationship James and the team builds with all the clients, together he likes to do an event of your choice to celebrate the transformation and results over the 12 months.
1 year body transformation

Why Clients Choose and Trust The Xtreme 1 Year Body Transformation Program

  • James and team are fully qualified fitness professionals. With over the 10 years of operating they have worked with thousands of clients. Therefore, you can rest assured you are in very capable and safe hands.
  • Having first-hand experience with eating disorders and mental health, the team really know from knowledge and experience how clients feel. As a result, we build a rapport, understanding and relationship rarely replicated.
  • We follow no “magic pill”, “quick fix” or specific way of eating. Therefore, our results and successful and sustainable.
  • As well as fitness professionals, the team are businessmen and have families. Therefore, we know how important the balance needs to be with health and lifestyle.
  • We promise to educate and empower all clients on what really works. Thus, at the end of the program you feel happy and confident to continue without support, even though we will always be there.
  • Even though a lot of clients who book are not in good place when they start, we promise you one of the most enjoyable and rewarding journeys you could possibly ever do with health.
1 year body transformation

How Does the 1 Year Body Transformation Work?

Step 1

Upon booking you will choose some of the weeks you are going to attend. You will start your 1 year body transformation on a residential week.

Step 2 

Your 1 year body transformation will start on the first residential week. On this week you will complete our weight loss bootcamp or fitness bootcamp program and train with James. These weeks are designed to push and educate as well as giving you an experience of all different styles of training and exercise. Towards the end of your stay you will goal set your training and nutrition plan with James which you will carry on at home until the next residential. You will notice a huge difference in your ability in the action packed week. Furthermore, at every residential you will constantly be making progress on your fitness transformation or weight loss journey. Towards the end of every stay you will goal set and plan with James your training and nutrition plan to keep making progress on your journey!

Step 3

At the end of every residential you will have a personalized nutrition and training program that you will have worked with James to create. The training and nutrition will fit into your lifestyle and goals at home. Every single workout will have video demonstration and program card so that you know exactly what you are doing and nutrition will be in a personalized cook book with instructions and quantities included! 

Step 4

After every residential you will have a plan you will follow at home with nutrition and training. Every 2 weeks you will fill out a check in sheet and have an online check in (video call) with James to discuss the check in stats and to catch up. From then adjustments or changes will be made where needed. These check ins are designed to keep you on track and have quality time with James to ensure you are hitting your targets. In addition, you will receive 24/7 support from James and his team if you need it.

How to Get Started on the Program

Once you have decided that the body transformation program is for you, you need to choose the number of boot camps you would like to do. 3,4,5 or 6 weeks (4 weeks in the most popular). There is no right or wrong, it’s whatever fits into your lifestyle, time and budget. When you have made the booking (online or in person) you need to commit to your first boot camp. This is when you still start your transformation program. There is no need to commit to all camps upon booking and most people book the next one at the end of the one they just finished.

1 Year Program Options and Prices

1 year body transformation

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact James and the team through the WhatsApp tab or contact form below.

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