Frequently Asked Questions

For a lot of people most of training and methods will be new to them. You will be doing a huge variety of training such as

  • HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Tabata Training
  • PHA Training (Peripheral  Heart Action Training)
  • Circuit Training
  • Boxing
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor Bootcamps
  • Runs
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Abs and Core
  • Challenges
  • Hiking
  • Indoor Cycling 
  • Games
  • Paddle Boarding (Summer Camps)
  • Kayaking (Summer Camps
  • Climbing (Winter Camps)
  • Abseiling (Winter Camp)

Anyone can attend. We have people who are complete beginners all the way to athletes! On the first day you will do a fitness assessment to see where you are and the programs will ALWAYS be tailored to your fitness ability!

You will be encouraged to eat as much as you can when you are staying with us because the course is very demanding and you need as much fuel as possible! We are a fitness camp where we teach and show you how to be healthy and build a good relationship with food and exercise! We are NOT A WEIGHT LOSS CAMP and your calories will not be restricted! If you are attending with the goal of losing weight we will cater for that with the team however it will done in a safe and controlled manor.

Foods you will be eating

  • Continental and cooked breakfast
  • Curry
  • Spaghetti
  • Salad
  • Fish
  • Lasagngas 
  • Sunday roast
  • Chinese 
  • Italian 
  • Asian food
  • Meatballs
  • …so much more!

All food is cooked fresh from our excellent kitchen team!

PLEASE NOTE- We cater for ALL food/dietary requirements and respect all religions

We have clients from all over world with different backgrounds, religion and fitness abilities. Just in the last few years we have trained royalty, millionaires, businessman and businesswomen, students, doctors, bankers, gym owners, personal trainers, military personnel, shop assistants, school teachers. You name it we have probably had it

Yes the training is hard and you will be pushed out of your comfort zone. However, you never be forced to do something you are not capable of.

We have clients all over the world who come and stay and we have direct train lines to London and are only a 40 minute drive from Birmingham Airport. We also have parking for people wishing to arrive by car

At the end of your stay you will do the same fitness assessment as you did at the start and you will be amazed at your progress. You will also spend time 1-2-1 with the instructors goal setting and helping you with programs so you carry on with your fantastic results at home. Our online support and programs are world class so you can rest assured you will have outstanding support going home

Unfortunately in rare cases these things sometime happen and its extremely rare you will obtain an injury that will stop you doing all exercise. We are very experienced with injuries and will do the necessary rehab and variations with you to ensure you can still get the most out of your stay and make a full and speedy recovery.

You will learn and experience more than a standard level 3 PT in the UK. We pride ourselves in teaching you all about exercise and nutrition through workshops, seminars and training! You will learn how different types of training effect the body and you will learn how to create an effective nutrition plan for you goal whatever it may be!

80% of our clients come alone so do not worry! The friendships you will build will be very unique and last a lifetime!

You will sleeping in a beautiful house in Malvern. All rooms are same sex however we do have private rooms for couples or people who prefer some more personal space!

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