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What Will You Do on a Fitness Bootcamp UK?

On your Xtreme Fitness Bootcamp UK you will cover a huge variety of styles and methods of training. Not only will you experience them but you will learn the details of that training, such as why we do it, the effects on the body and how to create your own workout from it. Be prepared to pushed out of your comfort zone as for most people this will the most intense training they have ever done. You will also various activities on your stay to encourage you to explore health and fitness in a new light and to find things you want to continue at home. You will learn during stay all about nutrition and how to not only create your own nutrition plans but how to adapt them as your body adapts. The idea of the weeks for James and his team is to unload all their knowledge and experience to you so you are successful when you go home carrying on with your fitness and nutrition. Things you will do on your week, Run, HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, PHA Training (Peripheral Heart Action Training), Boxing, Outdoor Bootcamps, Team Building Workouts, Strength and Conditioning, Challenges, Obstacle Challenges, Hiking, Swimming, Olympic Lifting, Climbing, Abseiling, Archery, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Seminars, Lectures and much more

Am I Fit Enough for an Xtreme Boot Camp?

Quick answer YES! We have a huge variety of clients that stay with us! We have clients who are seasoned athletes and at the same time people with health conditions that have not trained for years! It really does not matter how fit you are, what matters is that no matter your ability you are willing to work hard, work as a team, willing to learn and willing to push out of your OWN comfort zone. James and his team at our fitness bootcamp uk have years of experience and are experts in the field of health and fitness so know how to work with people with different abilities. Even though the group mostly stays together you will be pushed and challenged to your own limit and not compared to anyone else. If you have an injury or a condition your training will be adapted to cater for that injury and condition. At the start of the week you will do a fitness test where James and you can see where you are now. This give us the opportunity for you to see exactly where you are now and for James and his team to know exactly what they are working with. We promise no matter what ability you have when you come here you WILL leave so much stronger, fitter and knowledgeable mentally and physically!

Who Will I Be Training With?

You will be training with a huge variety of people. Xtreme Bootcamps is an international bootcamp which results in people from all over the world with different backgrounds from teachers, personal trainers, entrepreneurs, celebrities and royalty coming to us. Fitness abilties vary hugely from atheletes to clients who have not trained in over 10 years. It does not matter your background, religion, wealth or fitness experience EVERYONE is treated an equal! The friends and relationships you will build here will be very unique and special and will last a lifetime.

How Many Weeks Can I Do?

You can do as many weeks as you like/want/need! It completely depends on what your goal is and what you are looking to achieve! Our 12 month transformation package covers 4 weekly stays over the year but people typically do 1 or 2 weeks with us and return yearly. We offer discounts on more than one week so make sure you contact us and we can discuss the best option for you! Even if you stay for more then 1 week you will not be just repeating the previous week. It will adjust and progress with you!

Residential Boot Camps UK


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Xtreme Residential Boot Camps UK are for members serious about their fitness regime. Based in and around Worcestershire the facilities are perfect for a varied, challenging and the most rewarding programme.

Prices include single rooms or shared accommodation as stated, meals and all instruction. Where we have shared accommodation, we also have limited private rooms – Contact us for details on 07484 816065.

Arrival time on day 1 is 2pm. Departure time is 10am on the final day.

By making a payment you agree that you have read the Terms and Conditions.

Residential Boot Camps UK
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