The Xtreme Boot Camps Cardio and Fat Burning Workout DVD is one of the toughest home workouts you can do. If you want serious results in just a few weeks, this is the home workout for you.

James Evans from Xtreme Boot Camps will take you through an intense cardio workout. In each section you will burn fat and define muscle whilst keeping your heart pumping and raising your overall fitness. The workout is challenging and you should do as much as you can. You will improve each time and will soon be the fittest and leanest you have ever been.

Formats available

The Cardio & Fat Burning Workout DVD is currently only available in PAL region zero and runs for approximately 60 minutes.

The digital version will be available on the subpage titled ‘digital version’ following purchase. You only need to purchase once to watch as many times as you want.

Read some of the reviews on The Xtreme Cardio & Fat Burning Workout

More strength, flatter belly, stronger legs, harder abs. These are the results I achieved and that’s what you can achieve too

I will be honest – this is probably the most intense home workout I have ever done. Imagine marrying Shaun T’s Insanity with British Military Fitness, and multiply it several times.”

This is the first dvd from Xtreme and promises serious results in a few weeks and having tried it I have to agree! I found it challenging but the more you do it the more you can achieve!

When I first got Xtreme Bootcamp the first session absolutely kicked my butt!

Verdict: By far the hardest. It’s not for the faint hearted and if you want a workout to really push you this is it. James said you will see results if you do this three times a week and there is no doubt in my mind you would.  

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