Bootcamp Diaries

Welcome to the bootcamp diaries! Here is Xtreme Bootcamps we are so proud of what we do here and people usually have loads of questions about what it’s like here so we spend some days vlogging the journey to give you an actual insight into what it is like here at Xtreme Bootcamps!

This video is from Summer 2021 in another new location! We are so pleased on how we have grown and the amount of people choosing us the start or progress in their fitness journey! Also we answer the most common questions we get asked!

This short video will give you little insight into our hiking day at bootcamp. We go and explore the beautiful Malven Hills and is always a favourite day with our bootcampers! Yes it’s a challenge but we have route for all abilities 

Another bootcamp vlog from a week in September 2020. On this day we explored PHA training and a day of team challenges. We planned to vlog the hike day but the weather was not safe to get the cameras out but we explore the rest day.

This video was our first one back after lockdown. Let us take you through a whole day of what it is like here. On this day we explored HIIT, Tabata, bootcamps and boxing. Throughout the video we explain why we are so unique in the industry. 

This was our first vlog at our new and second location. We have grown so much in the past few years so we have expanded our bootcamps. In this video we explore Tabata, group bootcamps, boxing and the low ropes course.

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